Gary and Dad's Podcast - Stories from an Egyptian Immigrant

Comedian/Actor Gary Mahmoud talks with his 80 year old dad about his life as an Egyptian immigrant, world history, and foreign affairs with a dash of humor thrown in. Dad brings to the table a variety of insights from his extensive travels and studies. Gary brings a microphone.
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Gary and Dad's Podcast - Stories from an Egyptian Immigrant




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Apr 13, 2018

Dad won’t bend over for anything…except his granddaughter. Gary and Dad went to see the new movie “The Death of Stalin” written and directed by VEEP creator Armando Iannucci. Verdict? If you’re into VEEP… and gulags and mass executions, then this movie is for you! Also, if you're ever in Egypt and need help, just yell "Muhammad!" And finally, a big thank you to Gary Cooper for being such a popular movie star that Dad named me after him. It was that or Fareed. Seriously. Thank you, Mr. Cooper. 

Jun 30, 2016

On Father's Day, Gary and Dad sat down over some baklava to discuss the change in culture of Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries over the course of the 20th century through modern day. What was once a relatively relaxed liberal atmosphere in Dad's home country has become socially oppressive as religiously conservative values have spread out from Saudi Arabia and taken hold in many surrounding countries. We try to explore why.

Mar 24, 2016

After watching the Oscar nominated movie "Bridge of Spies," Gary asks dad about his memories of the Cold War - touching both on the history of the events and his perspective as an Egyptian. Dad recalls the two times the American military went on high nuclear alert - the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1961 and the Yom Kippur War 12 years later. Dad also teaches Gary how to pronounce "baklava."

Feb 23, 2016

Dad recalls Egyptian “democracy,” his trip to Germany to hang out on the Berlin Wall and “eat Christmas” and how he ultimately worked his way out of Egypt to come to America.